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All roads lead to DRIG

DRIG or Done Right Installation Group is a Nation’s Leading & Premier GPS and Low Voltage Installation Partner. DRIG has one of thee if not the industry’s largest and always expanding footprints containing the finest Technicians throughout the U.S. & now moving into Canada and/or other Countries where our valued customers may have a demand/need. DRIG was first developed in order to improve the caliber of Technicians available in the field and we pride ourselves now on having the most personable, professional and competent group of installers and individuals within the Industry. If your company is in need of outsourcing any low voltage or even niche installation work, we invite you to understand why we say and believe that eventually, “All Roads Lead to DRIG”! At DRIG our favorite word to describe our customers relations, is, “Partner”! As such, DRIG has quickly become a leader within the industry in that we are always willing to do more than our competitors are willing to do and to work in partnership with each valued customer to meet your demands. You will simply experience having a pleasant work experience when working with all DRIG associates who include; Full time Quality Control Manager(s), Dedicated Project Manager(s), Over Ten full time schedulers, Accommodations Manager, Sales Staff and a full team of other competent professionals available to meet the demands of any customer and all while providing a higher standard of service within the industry at competitive/volume rates. If your company is just beginning to look at outsourcing installation work, we will patiently work with you to establish best systems of operations between our companies whether we can advise on systems and processes we have found to be most effective within the industry or whether we further personalize our systems to meet your specific requests. Call Now at 707-701-DRIG or Send us a message and we will immediately contact you.