Job Opportunities

DRIG is always looking for qualified techs all across the US. Please answer the questions provided below, fill out the form and attach a copy of your resume. Our available jobs are for Indepedent Contractors. One of our hiring agents will be in touch with you, shortly. We look forward to meeting you!

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Get in Touch

Done Right Installation Group

Knoxville, TN

(707) 701-DRIG (3744)

DRIG is one of the few installation companies which employes our own in-house and dedicated quality control team and who are available to our Technicians 24/7.  These Q/C reps are there to insure new techs orientation and that they are trained on all new customer products and installation procedures.  All DRIG Technicians undergo our DRIG certification program before being authorized to perform installations for our valued customers without supervision.